Door to door Cargo to Philippines

We are the pioneers in freight forwarding Door to Door cargo to the Philippines in the UAE and have been serving the Philippine community since 1989. 

With branches in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain we can deliver and pick up cargo no matter where you live in the UAE.

We have a variety of sizes of quality cardboard boxes suited to your requirements and can offer customised packing solutions for your large electrical items, TVs, fragile items and furniture. Our in-house packing and carpentry team will ensure your goods are professionally crated and packed if required.

For your peace of mind, you’ll be able to track your shipment from pick up in the UAE to delivery in the Philippines via our Website or by downloading the Frico Cargo App.

With over thirty years of experience in handling Door to Door Cargo, we are the oldest and the  No. 1 freight forwarder to the Philippines in the UAE. Rest assured your cargo is safe in our experienced hands. 

Door to Door Sea Cargo to Philippines

Send your cargo to the Philippines using our cost effective and reliable Door to Door Sea Cargo service with delivery throughout the country from Metro Manila to Mindanao and beyond on time.

With guaranteed loadings every week your cargo will be on its way to the Philippines quickly without delay in the UAE.

Door to Door Air Cargo to Philippines

If you require your shipment to arrive fast, use our Door to Door air freight service to the Philippines.

With competitive rates and frequent shipments to the Philippines let us deliver you cargo quickly to your loved ones.

Packing and Removals to the Philippines

If you are shifting houses inside the UAE or moving back home to the Philippines get in contact with our dedicated Packing and Removals team for a competitive, customised solution.

Contact Us to arrange a box delivery or to pick up your cargo

Ongoing Offers

Call one of our cargo experts on 600 522 529 or start a chat on WhatsApp with us on +971 58 522 5290 to find out our offers.


Frico Cargo offers the best rates to the Philippines for your personal cargo! Rates include delivery to your doorstep. The rates that we offer have been used by thousands of Filipinos and are a favourite in the market. 

Call one of our cargo experts on 600 522 529 or start a chat on WhatsApp with us on +971 58 522 5290 to find out our competitive rates!
Frico Cargo has several promotional campaigns throughout the year for Filipino’s to help them connect with their loved ones back home. So that you can show them that you are thinking about them during holidays back home with Frico Cargo. 

Promotions are communicated in advance via Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube and TikTok! So, make sure you like, share and subscribe to these pages to keep up-to-date with our promotions! 

Call one of our cargo experts on 600 522 529 or start a chat on WhatsApp with us on +971 58 522 5290 when you find out what the ongoing promotion is!
Frico Cargo has a variety of boxes that you can use to ship your cargo. Our cardboard boxes can be picked by you depending on the dimensions, volume, weight of your cargo. This gives you a higher degree of flexibility and freedom to pack what you want to send home. With Frico Cargo, you aren’t paying for space that you won’t be using.

Call one of our cargo experts on 600 522 529 or start a chat on WhatsApp with us +971 58 522 5290 to find the perfect match for you!
To book your Frico Cargo box is as simple as A-B-C! You do so right now wherever you are! Simply call us on 600 529 529, start a WhatsApp chat on +971 58 522 5290 or log-in to

Tell us where you want to send to, where you are right now, what box you want, and we’ll be right there!
When it comes to shipping with Frico Cargo, we are always happy to help you ship whatever box or size you want to send back home! 

Simply call us on 600 522 529 or start a chat with us on WhatsApp +971 58 522 5290 to get the box that you have collected.
Once you properly packed and sealed the box with your belongings, you can simply call us on 600 522 529 or send us a WhatsApp on +971 58 522 5290 to schedule a convenient time for one of our collection experts to pick up your box!
The Bureau of Customs of the Philippines publishes a list of prohibited items that must not be packed in your box. 

We strongly urge you to consult this list online before you complete packing your box and the contents of your box must be identical to the declared items on your packing list.
Frico Cargo is proud to be the largest personal effects company in the UAE to the Philippines. We currently have the highest frequency of shipments and the largest satisfied Filipino’s and that is a great source of pride for us. It is a testament to the trust placed in Frico Cargo by the Filipino community. 

From the date of departure in the UAE, it takes approximately 45 days to reach Manilla, 50 days to reach Luzon and 60 days to reach locations in Visayas and Mindanao. However, delays may occur depending on conditions beyond what is normal. 

You can call 600 522 529 or WhatsApp us on +971 58 522 5290 to speak to one of our cargo experts to find out when you can send a box!
Tracking of your shipment can be done by visiting by entering your GY Number. But if you require the human touch, you can speak to one of our cargo experts on 600 522 529 (within the UAE) or chat with us via WhatsApp on +971 58 522 5290.
Frico Cargo is your trusted cargo partner. We have been handling generations of Filipino cargo for almost 40 years now. This shows our reliability and the trust placed in us by the Filipino community. 

As a member of the League of Freight Forwarders (Philippines), your cargo is cared for from your doorstep in the UAE to the doorstep back home. Please be sure to read our Terms & Conditions on our website.